Sunday, 19 February 2012


my colour is orange

One word to describe me…smart

Am i happy?
You are pretty normal. Sometimes you feel alone, but not all that much. You go through life with ease, but maybe you feel that there's a small weight that is constantly slowing you down. There is a small hole that you can never seem to fill, and maybe you can't even figure out what it is. Try to figure out what that hole is and try to fill it. Maybe its problems with friends, family, crush, boyfriend/girlfriend? But just continue the way you're going 'cause you seem to have found a pretty good path through life.

Your Element.. spirit of music
You are very expressive & affectionate. You tend to express your emotions to different kinds of art, mainly music. You are very affectionate to your loved ones that's why they also love you the same way. You are random at times. Sometimes you want some peace and silence so that you can have a nice sound trip but sometimes you like making noise in your work place/classroom. But be careful, some might get annoyed because you are talkative & noisy. You tend to very emotional which annoys some people. Don't worry you are still loved by many and admired your expressive skills.

p/s : eya amik kuiz dlam internet online n inilah hasilnya..waddaya know rite! jan pcaya sgtla p cm ada betul jgakla hehe..alamak cmna ne? apa apa pun..yg paling kenal diri kita adalah diri kita sendiri..berapa banyak pn kita sembunyikan, dalam hati kecil kita, kita tahu ia ada..


sara E a.k.a ct said...

i love orange...hehe..warna ceria:D

EyA edamanhatiku said...

me too! sgt2 ceria